Flood Gate House - Long house - Grade 1

A two storey building under a dual pitched roof of corrugated steel sheet. The walls are a mixture of rubble masonry on the ground floor and rubble masonry and corrugated steel sheet on the first floor. All masonry is laid in mud mortar and double faced. The joinery is all timber, with casement windows of a number of different designs and both plank and panelled doors. The main (west) face of the building has verandas at both ground and first floor levels, these are timber with flattened oil can elements.

Interpretation: An in tact and much extended long house with a first floor addition. Original joinery and early 20th century verandas

Historical context: Unknown

Significance comments: A complex multi phased structure with significant archaeology and original joinery.

Basic Information

Parcel: JT160058

Latest inspection date: 9/2/2011

Inspected by: BMJ

Interior inspected: No

Inspected for: HER Creation

Type: Long house

Sub type: None Sub type 2: None

Main period: Crown Colony

Period 2: None Period 3: None

Period 4: None Period 5: None




Trend: Deteriorating

Days work to stabilse: 45

Condition comment: Requires roof and guttering work as well as joinery repairs and finishes. Careful restoration is needed as the evidence in this structure is extensive and fragile.

Occupied: Yes

Feasible to occupy: No

Accessibility: Easily Accessible

Reuse Possibilities

None: No Tourist attraction: Yes Tourist accommodation: Yes Dwelling: Yes Public amenity: No Commercial: No Administrative: No Agricultural: No

Associated finds: None

Sources: None

Additional information: None

Photographs and drawings

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